Parent Resources

Cville Wednesday Night Bible Study
Parents, not student ministers, are the primary influence on a student's faith. Click the menu tab above titled "What We're Learning" for a brief look at what we're talking through this Wednesday night, so that you can carry forward the truth of scripture and the conversation.

Youth Culture
The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding
An insightful and informative look at the many facets of the media and culture where youth spend much of their time.

Plugged In
A concise, clear review of movies, music, tv shows, and video games. This sight will be sure you know exactly what kind of content is in the media your family or students might be interested in enjoying.

Parenting Teenagers
Focus on the Family: Parenting and Teens
Articles that address an exhaustive list of struggles and situations that will challenge today's teen, and gives advice on how to navigate and encourage your teen through them.